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Your GPS Tracks in 3D.

Topography is what makes Skiing, Hiking, Trail running and Mountain biking so exciting. You conquer those vertical distances with a lot of sweat and effort, but your tracking software only shows a boring 2D map.
That's where CubeTrek comes in.

All Tracks in One Place.

Visualize your adventures with TrekMapper, revealing your most frequented spots across the globe. Zoom in to unveil each track and click to uncover the details behind every activity.

Replay mode.

Relive and share your activity in an interactive 3D mode using Google Earth data.
Replay your hike/run/bike/mountainneering adventure, zoom into the terrain, scroll around.

Access to replay mode is limited and depends on available quotas.

Measure & Compare.

Compare daily, monthly and yearly performance metrics on your interactive dashboard.
Sort by different activity types, calculate and compare total distances and vertical ascents.

Your Personal Calendar.

Track your progress on CubeTrek's Calendar Heatmap. Reach your goals, record activity streaks.

Activity Matching.

Benchmark yourself against past performances on your favorite routes. If you complete the same track several times, CubeTrek automatically groups all efforts together and calculates a pace graph.

And much more.

  • Best-Of Stats: View your longest distances, the highest peaks and furthest climbs.
  • Sort and Filter your activities by type, date, duration, distance, ascent etc. - Never lose track of your past efforts.
  • Import FIT-, GPX-files and Zip-archives with one click.
  • Link Third Party accounts: sync with Garmin Connect and Polar Flow (more to come...)

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Mattjisch Horn
  • Ski Mountaineering

Recent public Uploads

Tillery Street by Luke Vanoudenhaegen
Nicolas Road by Sean
Cranwell by Sean
Seymour Drive by Alexander Weimer
Seymour Drive by Alexander Weimer

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